when days grow short

This is an Advent hymn, the meter of which is C.M.D. which works with CAROL, the tune to which the Christmas hymn “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” is sung.

When days grow short and nights are long,
the season’s stars shine bright.
Beneath the snow and frozen ground,
lie dreams of warmth and light.
Within the worst of winter’s grip,
is joy that hope bestows.
The advent’s there of arctic doom—
encased in ice below.

The deepest yearnings of our hearts,
we seek to meet all ways.
This longing prompting discontent
our desperate need conveys.
Within our hunger still we pray
that we might yet be filled,
and looking far beyond ourselves
find hope in us instilled.

The seeds of God’s redeeming love
are sown in truth and grace.
And in the flower of their bloom,
are contours of God’s face.
Remind us, God, in wintry times,
Your seeds surround us still.
And in the course of holy time,
will all creation fill.


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