a thanksgiving prayer

We offer to You, our Thanksgiving prayer, God,
not because we believe You manipulate circumstance
to ensure us the blessings we name and celebrate at this time.
For we offer to You our Thanksgiving prayer
even in the midst of circumstances we can in no way name blessing.
We pray our thanksgiving even in the grief of deep loss,
the profound fear of deadly disease,
in the loneliness of brokenness and stress.

No, we offer to You our Thanksgiving prayer
because we believe You created us for a fullness of life,
a fullness that can only be named abundant,
in truth, the only living that can truly be named life.

We offer to You our Thanksgiving prayer
not only because such abundance lies so far beyond
anything for which we can take credit,
but also because we believe You are at work
in the midst of life as we know it
(amidst the grief and the fear and the loneliness and the stress)
always working for and toward that abundance:
for relationships and community in communion,
for love and intimacy, for worship and conversation,
for joy and for wonder,
for eating (oh, the eating!) not just to fuel the living,
but also to take pure pleasure in the preparing
and the consuming,
for worship not just to glorify You,
but to celebrate us in Your image.

The truth of our daily living is the affirmation
that You created us to live in such a way …
You created us for such a living …
that we can only marvel and name our gratitude
in this, our Thanksgiving prayer.


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