wrapped in prayer

So I never made it to that coffee shop yesterday, but I stayed the morning with the kids of the household that’s taken us in, while the Mom ran some errands. And I brewed some coffee, went out on their front porch, sat in their porch swing and alternated reading and listening to the sound of the rain in and on the tree in their front yard. A better experience than any coffee shop could’ve been!

Yesterday afternoon, I went by the hospital to visit a church member. She told me that her nurse had asked her if she wanted a prayer shawl. Now, some of the folks in our church, in partnership with the local quilter’s guild, have been knitting prayer shawls for a couple of the area hospitals. The particular church member in the hospital has been so very faithful and industrious in this ministry, and she told her nurse, “It might be one I made!” Thus ensued a conversation in which the nurse shared stories of individual patients she knew for whom the prayer shawls had been most meaningful.

Then my friend said, “And they’re all out of them!” I said, “So you didn’t get one?” “No.” Well, I ran back to the church and scrounged around for the bin of completed shawls. Couldn’t find it. Wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Couldn’t reach the people who might have told me where else to look. Eventually, looked in the bin marked “yarn for prayer shawls” and found therein one completed shawl. Took it back to the hospital asking, “Is this one you made?” She said, “No.” I said, “Good!” and left her wrapping herself in the prayers of her good friend who had made it.

And so the ministry she’s been such an important part of for others now ministers to her in the wonderfully reciprocal truth of ministry.

And I went home thinking, “I need to remember to throw some shoes I can wear to church in the dryer.” Yet another sentence I couldn’t have, just a short time ago, imagined writing!


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