what’s real?

Summer is upon us—heavy upon us. 90° + days are heavy upon us—oppressively upon us. Close to 100° today. We shut all our windows and doors. We turn on our air-conditioners—battle the urge to consistently turn down the thermostats. If we have to go out, we move from cooled house to car—frustrated because the car won’t cool down quickly enough, to cooled office or store or whatever other cooled location we might head to—darting through the actual weather in as brief a span as possible—hoping we won’t sweat and have our clothes make it all too obvious that it’s summer out there.

There are exceptions to the above paragraph, but they involve mainly bathing suits and some form of water, or exercise clothes—golf clothes, and sweat that feels good. And they are exceptions.

So what’s real? What’s out there, or our escape from what’s out there?

Life is upon us—often heavy upon us—sometimes oppressively. We come to church, and one temptation is to close the windows and the doors—turn on some comfortable faith affirmations.

And if we’re comfortable, and God-assured in that comfort, then what does it matter that all too much of our political system—that all too many of our politicians—all too much of our capitalist system—that the circumstances of all too many of God’s children—that the way all too many of God’s children relate to each other—belie and undermine the priorities of Scripture and the will of God?

How often do we not treat God like the uncontrollable, untamed, intrusive Holy Other, but more like extreme heat that we counterbalance to maintain our comfort zone?

What’s real? What’s out there, or our escape from what’s out there? What is the world being prepared in the lives of people of faith by the word of God and what is the world in which we live?


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