in the midst of it all

Today, I got the dishes all cleaned, the kitchen and dining room straightened, and made a dent in Mount Laundry (the rest of the dirty clothes baskets are all lined up and ready to go when I get back home). The recycling went out. The trash is gathered. Last night, after taking the girls and a friend to the pool, I sauteed fresh zucchini and broccoli from our C.S.A. (community supported agriculture) to go with pasta and spaghetti sauce. We went to the library and registered for the summer reading program. I swapped out half the water in the fish tank (a monthly task the people at the pet store told me … after we had to go buy all this stuff for the free fish the girls won at the fair!) without killing any of the fish. The litter box is clean (particularly important since one of the kittens doesn’t always come out … which grossed me out until I found myself ensconced in the bathroom just to get away! I’m still grossed out, just more sympathetically. And we’re obviously going to be investigating cat perches and hidey-holes). I have no clue as to what we’re having for supper or whether that involves a trip to the store, nor what to do with the girls this afternoon. It’s supposed to be about 100 degrees. The reviews I read for Marmaduke were evenly split between worst movie ever and lots of fun, and what do you do with that? Go to the video store, probably!

We’re into week two of my wife being gone (she was home for a few days in between), and, with the help of friends, we’re managing (not that I can’t wait for her to get home!). I haven’t gotten to a couple of projects I wanted to get done. Exercise is a bit more challenging to schedule. Free time is simply exhausted time at the end of the day. I’m going to have to explain to the girls why I’m more irritable and also confront them about being so irritating.

And in the midst of it all, we’ve laughed at the kittens and at each other. We’ve made deals about going into my office for half the day and then playing the other half. We’ve had friends over and also gone to play with friends at their houses. We’ve had more ice cream than is normal for us. We’ve shared good meals and worked together to get everyone dressed and bathed and sunscreened with teeth brushed and hair. We’ve all been monumentally frustrated with each other, but we’ve also had good fun and shown remarkable grace, and, upon reflection, so much of the frustration emerges from enthusiasms and passions and personality which is kind of like the whole kitty litter thing … doesn’t make anything less frustrating, but puts the frustration in somewhat more of a sympathetic context! And so there is a sense of accomplishment. We’re being family … doing what needs to get done … and more.

Oh, wait … there’s a sermon to write?


One thought on “in the midst of it all

  1. What a great dad! And thanks for reminding us of what important happens in living the “everydayness” of life.

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