thirty day blogging challenge

So a dear friend and colleague in ministry (and in blogging), Amy Butler, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in D.C., issued a thirty day challenge. Blog each day for thirty days. I was hesitant (still am). I was leery (still am). I tend to spend a good bit more than one day thinking about what to write, let alone writing. But Amy made that same confession. Then, in addition to Amy, someone else dared me to do it!

To top it all off, I remembered writing about the Puritans’ practice of reading the evidence. “At the end of the day, as individuals and as families, they reflected on the day and ‘read the evidence’ of God’s presence with them—God’s truth made manifest to them.” Today, we call it the spiritual practice or the spiritual discipline of reading the evidence, and it’s precisely the dailiness of the discipline that affirms and celebrates God-with-us.

How much of God do we miss in not reflecting daily?

So, it’s absolutely not that the particular details of my days are all that fascinating or important, but rather that it’s precisely the details of daily living that do bear the full weight of our deepest introspection, our most profound reflection, our most thoughtful meditation, our most relevant interpretation.

For it’s the details of daily living that bear within them the presence of the living God.

Alright Amy, I’m in.


6 thoughts on “thirty day blogging challenge

  1. Having blogged every day throughout Lent–40 Days I might add–let me say that I know what you have undertaken! Blessing on you!
    By the way, I don’t even remember my blogs name anymore! 🙂

  2. I don’t blog. And for some peculiar reason I cannot explain, I seem to have become a preacher blog junkie. So my quasimodo response to the challenge–I’ll read them all, each day, for 30 days….

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