Once the Spirit Came in Power

This coming Sunday is Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21). Here’s a hymn written for that occasion. The meter is which works with HYMN TO JOY, the tune to which the hymn “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” is sung.

Once the Spirit came in power
to unite the world as one,
and with God’s grace all were showered.
A new era was begun.
God drenched all communication—
human differences converged—
in divine intoxication
dreams of wholeness did emerge.

When wind blows and fires are burning,
flames will jump from heart to heart—
and consume each one who’s yearning
to be known in full, not part.
Thus engulfed in fire and wonder—
in the beauty of God’s power,
one with that which can’t be sundered
in the glory of this hour.

Then inspired by God’s strong breathing,
dreams and visions we behold—
each a gift of God’s bequeathing
promised to us all of old.
We’ve been called to transformation,
to the renewal of our hearts—
to live in anticipation
of the whole knit from the parts.

Spirit breath blow through our lives now—
baptize us with truth and grace.
Guide us, God, through fears and doubts,
and lead us to your love’s embrace.
God transcendent, move among us—
summon us to your dream quest.
Hail God who breathed life into dust;
we with joy our faith confess.


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