again made whole

We come to Jesus in our isolation—
in our pain—our loneliness—our grief.
We come to Jesus as those excluded.
For how can we who are mortal
bear the presence of Holiness?
And how can the Sacred
bear the presence of us?

And Jesus angrily dismisses that which divides and separates.
“It is not God’s will. It is not God’s desire.
And what good is omnipotence,
if it can’t bear the good fruit of communion?
God’s will—God’s desire.”
And divine tears of anger mingle
with our own tears of sin,
and the light pours through the tears.
For there’s light in such pain,
and there’s light in such anger.

It is God’s will—God’s desire:
we were created to be whole
to be clean—
to be in communion with God and each other and creation.
And so within God’s grace,
we are again made whole—
again pronounced clean—
and restored to communion.

How could we possibly obey a command not to celebrate?
not to proclaim our gratitude and awe and wonder—
not to acknowledge God our savior?
How could we not worship?


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