torn through time

We spend our lives
playing an amazingly elaborate game of “follow the leader”
with both intricate justifications and unquestioned allegiances.
We follow our religious leaders and our political leaders—
sometimes for good, sometimes for ill,
sometimes into right, sometimes into wrong—
often into a disturbingly complex combination of the two,
sometimes with full assent,
sometimes simply because we’re part of a larger whole.
We follow our friends, we follow the trends, and when it all ends …
where will we be?
What will we have stood for?
What will we have lived for?
When we look back on the trajectory our living tears through time,
how does it point to what or whom we followed?
And so what pours into history because of us?
because of our priorities?
What is made real through us?
through our choices?
Let it be light. Let it be God. Let it be so.


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