bending time

Present to us in worship,
as in our day-to-day,
God waits ….
And when the invitation is embraced—
the moment seized,
time bends around true encounter with Creator—
For when Love is introduced in time,
moments, torn from sequence,
bow in fulfillment into eternity ….
And to be responsible for such encounter—in such encounter—
to such encounter
is not to be response-able—merely able to respond.
To be responsible is to respond, and to respond wholely—
hope-fully living fully into the way of God (holy, holy, holy)—
the way that leads to the kingdom of God—
the light pouring brilliantly into the darkness—
the Presence, fully present, gift to creation.
This we believe—
the good news of God.
Thanks be to God.


2 thoughts on “bending time

  1. a good poem, I believe…do you know Garrison Keillor’s definition of a good poem?”Stickiness, memorability….you hear it and a day later some of it is still there in the brainpan.” some of it is still there in my brainpan floating around with some Albert Einstein and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and a bit of kairos!

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