Little Girl, Rise, Embrace this Day

We have recently celebrated a little girl’s birthday. Forthwith, a hymn. The meter is (LM) which works with MARYTON, the tune to which the hymn “O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee” is sung.

Little girl, rise, embrace this day.
Hear all the things our words can’t say—
all of the love we feel for you—
the hopes and dreams we pray come true.

In God’s own image you were made,
and in your life is God displayed.
May we affirm your whole life long
a faith that grows—a faith that’s strong.

Little girl, full of what can be,
God will work through you wondrously.
You’ll be God’s hands, God’s words and deeds
who brings good news—the hungry feeds.

Child of God, you will come to know
the life God’s given you to grow.
As you accept this gift, explore,
God bless you now and evermore.


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